First School Building - 1902

Marlborough College Old Boys' Association was founded in 1902 and registered as an Incorporated Society on 15th December 1949.

It was open to all male pupils of Marlborough College (or Marlborough High School) as it was originally known.

All past and present masters were also entitled to join. The subscription payable for the first year after leaving the college was two shillings and six pence (2/6) and in respect of each year after it was five shillings (5/-).

Membership is now offered to all past and present teachers and pupils who have left the school. Membership is free and automatic to former students for the first five years. Subscription is now $25 per year.

1908 frontfield band

Marlborough College Old Boys’ Association Inc.

5 Stephenson St Blenheim, 7240 - NZ
PO Box 436 Blenheim, 7240 - NZ