Each of our alumni makes a mark on the world in his own way. From the beginning, Marlborough Boys' College has been educating students who go on to gain national and international acclaim for their accomplishments. Please contact the MCOBA if you know of an old boy who has acheived a high level of suscess since leaving Marlborough Boys' College.



Prof. Robin J. H. Clark, CNZM (joined College 1946)

International research scientist in the fields of physicalorganic chemistry and electronic spectroscopy.

Dr R. Paul Kibblewhite, MBE (1949)

International research scientist in softwood and hardwood chemical and mechanical pulp and papermaking fibres.

Dr Anthony C. J. Gow (1946)

International research scientist glaciologist, specialising in polar and temperate snow and ice studies in Greenland and Antarctica.

Prof. Graham S. Le Gros (1970)

International research scientist in immunology, with particular applications in cancer research.

Dr A. John Haines (1966)

International research scientist in applied mathematics with main applications applied within seismic research.

Prof. William J. Rainbird (1940)

International research scientist in Canadian aeronautical research, as applied to wind tunnel design and aircraft wing performance.

Dr Richard N. Holdaway (1964)

International research scientist in investigating faunal change and related matters in New Zealand over the last 40,000 years.

Dr Malcolm J. Cunningham (1963)

International research scientist in research, with practical applications, in the fields of heat and moisture transfer in the building industry. 



Sir Francis Gordon Bell, KBE, MC, MB, CHB, FRCS, FRACS (1900)

Knighted for services to medicine within New Zealand. 

Sir Charles R. Burns, KBE, OBE, MB., CHB, MRCP, FRCP, FRACP (1912)

Knighted for services to medicine within New Zealand.

Sir Robert L. Macalister, KB (1904)

Knighted for civic work including serving as Mayor of Wellington.

Sir Alister D. Mclntosh, CMG (1920)

Knighted for career and civic work, and historian.

Sir Leith R. S. Anderson, Kt, MBE, CBE (1952)

Knighted for British Commonwealth service within Papua New Guinea.

Major-General Owen H. Mead, DSO, CBE (1906)

Service overseas in two World Wars.

Commodore John G. Leonard, CNZM (1957)

Service within Royal New Zealand Navy.

Colonel Philip J. Gibbons, ONZM (1968)

Service with Royal New Zealand Army. 



Eileen E. Duggan, OBE (joined College 1904)

New Zealand poet.

Noel V. Mangin, OBE (joined College 1946)

New Zealand singer (bass) on world opera scene.

Elizabeth J. Wemyss (1939)

New Zealand musician and conductor.

George A. Simpson (1934)

New Zealand pianist.

Joan Peek (1951)

New Zealand ballet dancer.

Roger A. Gascoigne (1962)

New Zealand television and radio presenter.

Kevin R. Moseley (1969)

Champion cornet player, N.Z. National band member, brass band conductor.

Norman H. Brayshaw (1934)

Historian, provincial archives founder, museum park developer.

Daphne A. Payne (1956)

New Zealand national singer.

Rodney S. Bryant (1958)

Television presenter and personality.  



lan A. Hammond (1939)

New Zealand Representative rugby player and All Black 1951-52

B. Lance Cairns (1963)

New Zealand Representative cricketer 1973-86

John F. Dodson (1945)

New Zealand Representative marksman (full bore) 1969-2000

Alan R. Sutherland (1957)

New Zealand Representative rugby player and All Black 1968-73

Ivan C. Sutherland (1964)

New Zealand Representative rower 1974-80

Gary A. Bartlett (1954)

New Zealand Representative cricketer 1961-69

David I. Hocquard (1974)

New Zealand Representative wood chopper 1986-92

Christopher F. Moran (1966)

New Zealand Representative at World Wheelchair Sports 1977-80

Graham R. Gifford (1954)

New Zealand Representative at World Ploughing 1986-91

Roger L Jordan (1968)

New Zealand Representative at World Ploughing 1985-97

Benjamin R. Lucas (1979)

New Zealand Representative at World Wheelchair Sports 1992-96

Graeme J. Miller (1974)

New Zealand Representative in road cycling 1979-98

Anton D. Oliver (1989)

New Zealand Representative rugby player and All Black Captain 1995-99

Leon MacDonald (1992)

New Zealand Representative rugby player and All Black 2000-03

Brendon Diamanti (2009)

New Zealand Representative Indoor Cricket, and One Day Cricket team to Australia  



Graham C. Charles (1979)

New Zealand white water kayaker, photographer, writer and ocean kayak explorer overseas 1988-2004

Marcus R. Waters (1979)

New Zealand white water kayaker, writer and ocean kayak explorer overseas 1988-2004. 


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